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Blue Project is organizing a regatta in cooperation with Chanteclair Vert, a new line of detergents with low environmental impact
The National Championship of the J80 Class OD  takes place in Chiavari September 24 to 27, 2015
Chiavari is the home base of the J80 fleet. Blue Project owns most of the J / 80s.
Blue Project, specialist in the rental of sailing regatta,  provides for a fleet of nine J80; boats are all identical and all have the same set of sails by North Sails.
The J80 is the most exciting of monotypes of J Boats. It 'a small yacht, extremely fun and with great performance.
Seeing is believing!
The class, which has large numbers and a wide audience of aficionados abroad, is growing in Italy.
To contend for the title of National Champion there will be 11 teams among the best and the most hardened
champions and famous names from the world of sailing have already confirmed thei presence: Giacomo Loro Piana, Stefano Polti will challenge abituée of the class such as Massimo Rama, Paolo  Montedonico and Anne-Soizic Bertin, tactical at Blue Project (2nd at Melges 24 World Championship).
The Championship will take place on 25-26-27 September and is organized by Yacht Club Chiavari ASD in collaboration with Blue Project and the National Association Class J80. Alongside Blue Project is the sponsor Chanteclair with its new line Vert, eco-detergent, biodegradable.
Upon enrollment, all participants will receive products by Chanteclair Vert that are excellent for cleaning boats and have reduced environmental impact and  100% biodegradable packaging.
Blue Project takes are about its natural habitat : the sea.
The races will be held on Saturdays and Sundays.
At the end of the races, there will be an award ceremony to crown the National Champion 2015 in the J/80 Class.
May the best team win and good wind to all!
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